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Our family recently visited Clifton Hill because we were hosting one of the girls’ friends from Toronto. We purchased some Clifton Hill Fun Passes, because we’ve learned this is the best deal for our money, and a great way to get a good sampling of all of the Clifton-Hill style attractions, which for those of you who don’t know the Falls, consists of a myriad of fun houses, arcades, rides, wax museums and other silly ways to spend your money. With the Fun Pass, you get a whole day’s worth of fun (see details here) and included in this itinerary is your choice between indoor Wizards Golf or outdoor Dinosaur Adventure golf. As we finished our spin on the Sky Wheel (read all about that here) the rain started to fall and so we were forced indoors for our golfing adventure.

Last summer, we visited Wizard’s Golf when it was called Galaxy Golf, and though the kids enjoyed themselves, it was clear that Galaxy Golf had seen better days. Everything was old and dingy, paint was peeling, the artwork was a bit dated. On our recent visit, the kids really had their hearts set on the outdoor Dinosaur Golf, so they were pretty disappointed to realize we’d be going to the indoor golf space instead. They couldn’t quite grasp the idea that it was new and improved.

New and vastly improved, I would say. Everything is brand spanking new, all the way down to the glow-in-the-dark carpets. The owners wisely tapped into the minds of modern kids and went with a “school for wizards” theme, and our kids were totally jazzed about that.

With larger-than-life models and interesting new obstacles, all of the kids enjoyed Wizard’s Golf, and we had accumulated six kids in our party by that point. We even had a 19-month-old, who delighted in rolling his own glow-in-the-dark golf balls into the holes after all the big kids had their turn.

Wizard’s Golf relies on black lights and glow paint to really bring on the magic, so be prepared for some dim lighting. Besides a huge tarantula at one of the holes, there wasn’t really anything that would upset most kids, and our kids weren’t bothered by the giant spider.

The course is just long enough to keep the kids interested, and we never bother to keep score when we play, so that the focus is on fun. I’d highly recommend that strategy, especially if your kids are just learning how to play.

Beware of little ones who aren’t sure of how to hold a golf club, or how to gently tap the ball. Once they get excited, kids can have very little spatial awareness, and Wizard’s Golf was really popular on the Saturday that we visited.

Our kids, ages 8 and 10, really had a good time, and were really impressed by the new makeover. “The sculptures were really nice, I felt like I was in a magical land,” says Hannah, age 10.

If the weather isn’t stellar, or if you have a kid who might be freaked out by dinosaurs, or a kid who just loves magic and dragons, Wizard’s Golf is your best bet for local mini golf.

Wizard’s Golf

Website: http://www.cliftonhill.com/attractions/wizards-golf-glow-dark-mini-putt

Phone: (905) 358-3676


Adults: $9.99 CDN +tax
Child: $6.99 CDN +tax
Non-Golfer: $3.99 CDN +tax
Child is 12 and under

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