New Year’s Family Bucket List


Every New Year, I think about a mini bucket list I’d like to do with my family during the upcoming year. It can include simple things, like visiting with friends, or more adventurous things, like a week of camping. With four young kids, we’re still not at the point where we’re ready to tackle big vacations, but I like to write down all the simple things that we love doing (even if we’ve done them a million times), because it’s a nice way to look forward to the new year and to making new memories.


Last year, we were able to check off almost all of the 20 things on our family list, which included visiting Ripley’s Aquarium, going to Canada’s Wonderland, camping, apple picking, and oudoor skating. And for the things we didn’t get to last year, we’ll just add them to this year’s list! It’s such a fun activity to get the whole family involved. Everyone can choose something they’d like to do (within reason) and you can even hang it somewhere where everyone can see it and the kids can check off the adventures as you go!


Our list this year includes: Go to an Ice Dogs game, go to a Blue Jays game, go skating, go sledding, visit Clovermead, go to the Botanical Gardens, go strawberry picking, go on picnics, laugh a lot, give lots of hugs, build a snow fort, splash in puddles, and go on a train ride.


I love this idea – a list of general bucket list items for everyone, including “Be kind to each other”. It could be a starting point for your family to help think of more specific items.

Family bucket list ideas for the New Year

What is on your family bucket list for 2017?


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