historic sites and museums


The Welland Museum
Celebrate our rich local history and enjoy both permanent and visiting exhibits. The Welland Museum also has an interactive area for young children to enjoy.

Address: 140 King Street, Welland, Ontario L3B 3J3
Phone: 905.732.2215
Website: http://www.wellandmuseum.ca/

Niagara Falls

The following historic sites and museums are all owned and maintained by Niagara Parks. Visit the Niagara Parks website for interactive maps, directions and additional details.
Website: http://www.niagaraparks.com/

Brock’s Monument
A self-guided tour of the Battle of Queenston Heights starts at the foot of Brock’s monument and includes a climb to the top for a magnificent view towards Lake Ontario in the north and Niagara Falls in the south.

The monument is open for an interpretive programmes 7 days/week, 10 am.m to 5 p.m. daily from May until Labour Day weekend.

Phone: Parks Canada staff at the monument can be contacted at 905.262.4759
Admission to climb the monument is $4.50 for adults and $3.50 for children.


Old Fort Erie
Canada’s Bloodiest Battlefield.

From the Niagara Parks website: The year is 1812. You’re far from home in the unknown wilds of Upper Canada. The place is Fort Erie, and war is in the air. All around you are the exciting sights and sounds of men preparing for battle. Step back into a time of red coats, black powder and gray fortress walls. Over 200 years of living history resides within, at Old Fort Erie. Experience the sights and sounds of the fort under siege at this War of 1812 National Historic Site. Choose your side: join British or American soldiers on a tour of the grounds and authentic buildings, and be sure to check out the musket demonstrations.

Admission $12.25 Adult + tax (13+ years) $7.95 Child + tax (6-12 years) Children 5 and under are FREE at all Niagara Parks attractions.
Free parking is available for visitors.


The Laura Secord Homestead
Home of Canada’s Most Famous Heroine.

From the Niagara Parks website: During the war of 1812, a brave woman set out on a perilous journey in the service of her country and stepped forever into the history and folklore of Niagara. Travel back in time to the lovingly restored Laura Secord Homestead and be enchanted by stories of her adventures and surroundings as interpreted by authentically costumed guides. Guided tours are provided by qualified costumed interpreters, providing information about this historic house and the history of the area. Light refreshments, ice cream, Laura Secord chocolates and a selection of quality souvenirs are available.

Admission $9.50 Adult + tax (13+ years) $6.25 Child + tax (6-12 years) Children 5 and under are FREE at all Niagara Parks attractions.
Free parking is available for visitors.


McFarland House
Niagara Parks’ oldest property.

From the Niagara Parks Website: For more than two centuries, McFarland House has stood as a monument to the impeccable manners, good taste and gracious living that epitomizes Niagara-on-the-Lake. Visit us and experience a taste of Georgian style and pace. Qualified costumed interpreters provide guided tours of this historic home throughout the day. Come visit this gem. Built in 1800, the House is the oldest property owned by The Niagara Parks Commission. Located in a picturesque park setting with playground facilities and a baseball diamond, the House is adjacent to the Niagara River Recreation Trail. McFarland Park also offers a covered picnic pavilion which seats approximately 250 people, with water and washroom facilities nearby. In preparation for the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 McFarland House has undergone some much needed renovations since last season. This is the first occasion that such large scale improvements have been made to the property. The house was last renovated in 1955 before the site opened to the public in the spring of 1959. We are very proud of these enhancements to our facilities which will allow us to better serve our guests. We have built a new historically inspired conservatory, created modern washrooms, and drastically renovated the interior spaces within the back wing of the home to make the property more accessible and welcoming for all who come to visit.

Admission $5.00 Adult + tax (13+ years) $3.75 Child + tax (6-12 years) Children 5 and under are FREE at all Niagara Parks attractions.
Free parking is available for visitors.


The Battle of Chippewa Site
The Battle of Chippawa, fought on July 5th 1814, was the opening engagement of the Niagara campaign of 1814, the longest and bloodiest military operation of the War of 1812. The battle took place on the fields of Samuel Street’s farm near the banks of the Niagara River. The Niagara Parks Commission acquired the site of the Battle of Chippawa in 1995 and has preserved 121 hectares (300 acres) of this pristine battlefield, the last remaining site from the War of 1812. A self-guided walking tour helps retrace the events of the battle. A memorial service is held on July 5th each year to commemorate the fallen of all the nations involved in this pivotal battle.

Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum
The Best Hands-on Museum in Upper Canada The restored home of rebel publisher William Lyon Mackenzie reveals 500 years of printing technology, amid the authentic ambiance of a period print shop.

Phone 905.262.5676
Address 1 Queenston St., Queenston, Ontario Canada L0S 1L0
Website: http://www.mackenzieprintery.org/


Niagara Falls Museums
Visit the Niagara Falls Museums website to explore four museums devoted to preserving and celebrating our rich local heritage.

Website: http://niagarafallsmuseums.ca/


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum
From The Ripley’s site: Located in the heart of Niagara Falls on Clifton Hill since 1963, the always growing Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum still holds on to the reputation as Niagara’s best museum. Authentic shrunken heads, the world’s rarest egg and two-headed animals are only the beginning here. Housing an impressive collection of the odd, strange and unbelievable from around the world, the museum showcases over 800 mind boggling exhibits, oddities, curiosities and illusions throughout their extraordinarily themed galleries. Several videos and displays allow for an interactive experience leaving you to decide whether you believe it or not!

Address: 4960 Clifton Hill Niagara Falls Ontario L2G 3N4 Canada
(905) 356-2238
Website: http://ripleysniagara.com/attractions/ripleys-believe-it-or-not/