Great Canadian Midway

midway2At street level Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill seems like an all-ages gaming wonderland with dazzling lights, exciting sounds and row upon row of arcade goodness. Once inside, the 70,000 square foot midway is everything it promises to be. If your kids like a good visit to the arcade, and you don’t mind burning through your entertainment budget on video games, Great Canadian Midway is a must-do on your trip to Niagara Falls.

Best suited for kids 6 and up, the Midway offers over 300 different games, including classics like my personal favourite, Skee-Ball. Like all great arcades, the games spit out tickets which can be exchanged for prizes. Our girls could literally spend the day in such a place, probably because they don’t often get to play video games at home. Here’s a video teaser from the people who run the joint:

In addition to the games, Great Canadian Midway hosts a great haunted house alternative for your little ones, or any kids who might be a bit too tender for the haunted house experience. The Ghost Blasters Dark Ride is a little cart ride in the dark with glow-in-the-dark ghosts and goblins who are fairly non-threatening. We’d call them moderately scary, and the ride sort of empowers the kids by allowing them to shoot at the ghosts with “laser blasters” attached to the carts. The wee ones will probably want to ride with a parent, but kids 8 and up are likely fine solo. More video, so you can get an idea of how (not very) scary this ride is:

My absolute highlight was the XD theatre. This safari-themed ride takes passengers on a 6D theatre experience with crazy-realistic movements, a 3D movie, and other sensory surprises that I don’t want to spoil. It’s completely immersive – so much so that if riders feel motion sickness at any time, all they need do is unfasten their belts to stop the motion. I feel like this is a great intro to roller coasters, or a fantastic alternative to rides for those of us who don’t do heights well. Check out this video teaser:

When you pick up a Clifton Hill Fun Pass, the Ghostblasters Dark Ride and XD Theatre experience are included, in addition to five midway tokens per pass. You also get a spin on the Sky Wheel Ferris Wheel (read our review here), your choice of mini golf experiences (read our review of Wizard’s Golf here) and the Movieland Wax Museum. An amazing deal for about $20 per kid!

Great Canadian Midway is totally touristy, totally loud and totally fun. It was a great chance to feel like kid again, with my kids. Here are the essentials:

Great Canadian Midway
Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, ON

Phone: (905) 358-3676

Click here for hours.

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