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Each year, thousands of unpaid full-time caregivers across North America dedicate their lives to nurturing and supporting mature loved ones. Today, there is a new place for those dedicated Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers to turn for their own support. We’re excited to share a  remarkably elegant site, launched today, Alzlive.

alzheimer's and dementia resource

The site promises this: “More than just a ‘magazine,’ it is a robust, inspired experience. The content consists of curated articles from around the world, links to blogs, and original articles commissioned by the Alzlive editorial team.”

The contributing editors read like a media dream team:

David Macfarlane (editor-in chief) – Toronto Star/ The Walrus/ Saturday Night, award winning author, playwright and novelist

Sue Grimsby (managing editor) – Globe and Mail

Bill Richardson (columnist, Stan’s Chronicles) – Richardson’s Roundup (CBC), ongoing contributor

Jasmine Miller (associate editor) – Women of Influence

As well as an army of contributors from across North America including writers for The New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek and Time Magazine.

alzheimer's and dementia resource

The site’s founder is Dave Kelso, who was moved to create Alzlive after years of witnessing Alzheimer’s affect so many of the people he loves. Kelso believes this valuable new media for caregivers is the culmination of over 30 years of experience creating work that “engages and persuades”. Before Alz Live, Dave was Chief Creative Officer at advertising giant MacLaren McCann Canada.

The site is beautiful, dynamic, and rich with captivating content, as you can see from the screen shots we’ve included.

alzheimer's and dementia

I found the site fascinating, and expertly designed. The articles are beautifully written and make for great reading for anyone. In fact, I would say this site is also a great resource for anyone caring for elderly family members or friends full time.

Posts on medical issues and science are balanced well with suggestions for fun and leisure. The writing is factual and informative, and the Alzlive team tempers this tone with a light heart and a sense of humor. Life is the full spectrum of emotion, and Alzlive captures this brilliantly.

Alzlive has an active forum where readers can engage in discussion with a community who understands intimately the experience of an unpaid caregiver. Professional caregivers can also engage in their own discussion forum within the site. Other smart features include an events guide geared towards caregivers across North America and a resource guide including everything from day programs for seniors and Alzheimer’s patients to books and home care resources.

Please take some time to experience this incredible site for yourself. Share Alzlive with your circle of friends and family. Get active in the social media community here on Facebook and also on Twitter. This valuable resource is fueled by passion and love, and the proof is in the incredible attention to detail and the rich and immersive experience Alzlive offers readers. We at Niagara Families wish Alzlive incredible success in their new venture.

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