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Deals We Dig

May 27, 2014 Catherine Skinner 0

In this new monthly feature, Deals We Dig brings you the best family friendly and parent savvy deals online. Let us track all of the online deal sites so you don’t have to! If something […]

niagara falls sky wheel

Niagara Sky Wheel

May 22, 2014 Catherine Skinner 1

Photo by Sarah Jamal Photography On Saturday, as the sky opened up and decided to rain on us, we headed to Clifton Hill to show our Toronto friend Polly (age 8) some of the more […]

you tube show n tell
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You Tube Show ‘n Tell

May 20, 2014 Catherine Skinner 0

Happy Tuesday morning! The good news is that with yesterday’s holiday, you have a shorter week ahead. The bad news is that you’re back at work, and perhaps still feeling tired after a particularly busy, […]

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Handmade Market Spring 2014

May 13, 2014 Catherine Skinner 2

Slide Show Photos by Sarah Jamal Photography Today I started a mad-money jar. This is a jar where I’m collecting loose change and small bills, and I will use this mad-money to cash in for […]